Saturday, December 27, 2014

Mr. U Observes The Pro Unionism of Patrick Lynch

I just want to be clear about one thing: I support the protesters through this. We live in a world that isn't just for African-Americans; one where  not much has changed since before 1954 and one that has to change soon. I don't support chants like these (in fact I despise them), but to think that the 20 or so idiots who said this define a movement which seeks to correct a terrible injustice is foolish at best and dishonest at worst.

Having said all of that, the observations of one DOEnuts reader needs a shout-out. A UFTer who wishes to be identified only as "Mr. U" has been following these events just as close as the rest of us. He pretty much sees things the same way I do (and is appalled at the extreme actions on both sides of these events). But he notes that the actions of Pat Lynch are, among other things. very very pro union. He wishes our own union president would go out for his members the way Lynch has. Here are Mr. u's thoughts about union leadership (brief note: all of his opinions are his own):

Union leadership
By Mr U.

Like him or not NYPD union leader Pat Lynch is doing what my Union leader has never done, speaking up and defending his rank and file. They organized job actions, went to the press, used social media, mobilized their delegates, and everyone spoke up for the PBA. They coordinated a media blast, turning their backs on a mayor who they feel betrayed them.... PBA members pooled money together and flew a sign over New York City attacking mayors. Say what you will, but every NYPD officer knows that their leader got their back. Police offers are closing ranks in New York City, they are defending each other. Officers are flying in from all over to show solidarity with their brothers.
Now compare this our teachers union. The mayor and governor stick an evaluation down our throats, we say thank you, in fact we ask for more. We demand 22 components and test based evaluations, even when our parents don't want it. Common core standards, which were created without one actual teacher, UFT president says he'll punch anyone who tries to take it away from us, even though teacher after teacher hates it. The mayor closes down schools and the profiteers come in to take up space, our Union leader says no problem. He even decides that we're going to get in the business of running charters. Contracts canceled in Philadelphia, unions destroyed in Wisconsin, schools closed en masse in Chicago, no one in the UFT cares. We can't can't even get the members from one school to show up to a protest against co-location at a public school 5 blocks away, never mind fly across the country.
Here's the deal, don't like him, don't agree with him, doesn't matter: every PBA member knows Lynch and the officer standing next to him has his or her back. Go ask the average UFT member if they feel the same about Mulgrew, we all know not one of the 80,000 will say yes. PBA is winning the public relations battle, they have the mayor scared, and no way are they settling for the garbage contract now that the UFT got. Like it or not, Pat Lynch is showing you what a Union leader looks like.

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