Sunday, May 28, 2023

Our New Annual Pay If The Pattern Holds By Year

As we approach the end of the school year, it's a pretty good time to remind you that the union and the city both want a new teacher contract in place by the end of the school year. As we wait, there has been a lot of published misinformation about the possible pay from this soon-to-be-agreed upon contract (and way too much commentary). 

As it stands, it's probably a good bet that we won't receive any pay from this deal until just beyond September.  This is because some folks would have you believe that if you don't VOTE NO on the contract, your medical insurance will run out and you won't be able to visit a doctor. But it is also because others will soon soon be running across the whole city trying to get you to believe that if you don't VOTE YES on the contract, your medical insurance will run out and you won't be able to visit a doctor). 

They're both nuts. 

Yes we're getting screwed. And yes, we're also getting a raise. And we need to know how much it looks like we're going to recieve. 

Here at doenuts, I subscribe to an insanely old theory that teachers are highly educated and can make up their own minds for themselves.  So I took a minute and calculated how our raises may look if we get the same patterned deal that DC37 received. That deal includes:

  • A $3000 check if we vote yes.
  • 3% for 2023
  • 3% for 2024 
  • 3.5% for 2025 
Here is what DC 37 received (don't forget,  their first two years of raises were from the city's previous pattern. We have already received that pattern raise so I added an annotation so it makes more sense). 

 This data comes from the DC37 website and I added the annotations after. Here's the link

So how would these raises look in our paychecks? I used this old tool (called math) to figure it all out and, want to share it with you here. You all have lives and families and we can all use at least an idea of what the new pay will be.  See below. 

(Karen Disclaimer: While there may be a mistake here and there, these numbers are fairly accurate calculations and should give you an idea of how your new check will look.  But if you do catch a math error, just let me know in the comments and I'll adjust (if you're correct. If you're one of those sanctimonious folks and you're wrong, I'll just make fun of you here for as long as I care to and send you a box of day old doenuts).