Saturday, December 27, 2014

Two Quick Thoughts About Recent Events


1. They all matter. Call me when the lunatics are stifled and sensible, reasonable discourse can be brought back to center stage.

2. The Mayor of New York City is the true hero here. He's done a remarkable job keeping the city from falling over the precipice -despite thirty extremists calling for dead cops on Youtube and despite, as Raginghorse Blog intelligently notes, some members of the PD today "chose to politicize murder and to do so at what is meant to be a sacred ritual". Despite all of this, the mayor is holding it together. Great job.


  1. The mayor is doing a great job? For who? Not for teachers, or cops, or kids. Please explain yourself.

    1. I think he's doing a great job for teachers. Not wonderful, but great. That includes teachers (he is doing a much better job than the last two). I worked hard to convince people to NOT vote for the contract last May but even I have to admit, the contract, while selling out ATRs, does restore dignity back to teachers. That's my opinion about it.
      My opinion about his job in general is much the same. I don't think he's wonderful, but he's doing a slam dunk job. This man, as opposed ot the other two, is allowing a discussion to take place that has not been allowed to occur for over 20 years. What's more, he's not doing it in a way where there a riots ont he street or physical harm being caused to people. That, in itself, is a great job.