Wednesday, April 15, 2015

DR and Tisch on Hayes Last Night

I'll say it. I wasn't a big fan of how Ravitch dealt with Tisch last night on MSNBC. The (3 minute) debate made me wonder what an active public school parent or even a teacher would have said if (s)he had had a few minutes next to one of the people responsible for the testing catastrophe that has occurred.

Tisch towed the line and said everything you would expect someone like her to say. 'The tests are aren't harmful.' 'They're only snapshot.' 'We need to know how kids are doing.' 'The public needs to know how kids are doing.' This was her line last night as it has been for the past two weeks.  Of course, much of the premise of her statements were simply untrue. 

Because of the lack oh honesty from Tisch, my hope was that Ravitch would directly stick it to her with sentiments something like "We already have a snapshot. It's called a report card". "They are are more than a diagnostic. They are high stakes tests". "The tests are being used to get teachers". "Parents have been dragged into a dispute between teachers and the state governments". "The tests undermine the value of what parents do and of what teachers do". "Parents have opted out because they have no other recourse". "Trust schools". 

These were some of sentiments I was hoping to see. The plight of teachers and parents have been woven together by these tests and it doesn't take a mastermind to realize who the victims here are (students, parents and teachers in that order). It would have been nice to see some of that articulated last night.  

True, she didn't get a whole lot of time. Tisch got the first and last word and DR did, of course, get in that AWESOME shot about children spending more time testing than lawyers do taking the bar examand. Also, honestly, I don't think  3 minutes at the end of a show is enough to accomplish anything.  Lastly, this isn't criticism, not by a long shot, But the truth of the matter is that Hayes hit Tisch, the person who's bringing all this pain to us, harder than Ravitch did and although I'm not one who looks for red meat, I was hoping to see a bit more. So there. I said it. 


  1. I liked her comment about vaccinations and testing... one is based in science, the other is not.

  2. You can't expect too much from her. She tells teachers not to criticize Weingrovel saying it causes divisions. There are good reasons she was able to work in a Bush admin as long as she did. I criticize her a lot. She's flesh and bone like the rest of us.

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