Thursday, September 3, 2020

Solidarity Lawsuit Strategy: Expand Reasonable Accomodations

Gothamist reported on UFT Solidarity's Lawsuit yesterday. In short, the caucus is going to court to argue that the DOE's "Reasonable Accommodation" should include people who have at-risk family members at home at home. From the report (I'm heavily editing):

Several New York City teachers will ask a state judge to keep schools fully remote for the upcoming semester and expand the criteria for instructors to teach from home, arguing that it's still too risky to bring students and teachers back into classrooms while the danger of the pandemic still exists. 
... hope a judge forces the DOE to agree to expanding the Reasonable Accommodation Request criteria—a set of DOE-approved medical conditions that allow impacted teachers to work from home instead of a classroom with the belief their conditions could worse if they return to school. 
The filing of an injunctive relief was brought by UFT Solidarity, a subset group within the UFT that's criticized the school reopening plan and the narrow. 
"It excludes certain groups of people, including people who are cancer patients, people who are parents of small children, who may have opted to go remote," said Lydia Howrilka, a teacher and organizer with UFT Solidarity. "People like myself who are caregivers of elderly parents and guardians who unfortunately will be putting our loved ones at great risk if we were to come into work. Educators have been given this Hobson's Choice of choosing between their livelihoods and their health."
Solidarity launched a successful GoFundMe to raise the funds needed to pay Bryan Glass' fees. 

The full article from Gothamist is here.

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