Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Mulgrew: We WILL Be Compensated (in some way) For "Working" During Spring Break

I dialed into a UFT Town Hall call today. I'm actually still on the call now but wanted to blog this first: 

UFT President Michael Mulgrew said there will be a compensation package of some sort for working through Spring Break. This may not mean money (it could be days or pension time or take some other shape or form) but we will, of course, be compensated.  Mulgrew said he brought this up with the powers that be and that the powers at acknowledged, absolutely. that that "conversation has to take place at some point". So, that 2% (ish) that we'd be losing for teaching Spring Break will happens. 

This leaves only one question: Who's up for doing their part to support during this time? 

Me. I'm up for it. Are you?

Of course you are ;) ... 

A few other highlights from the first few minutes of the call: 

Anyone who takes a religious day during this time, won't be charged for a sub and go move beyond the three days in needs be. 

I joined during the nurse's report. I missed her name and hospital. I broke down when she said "we had to get a truck because our morgue was not built for this many bodies". That really brought it home for me. I'm going to donate 2% of my annual pay to the UFT Disaster Relief Fund, which helps among others, the Health Care Providers who are grinding this out in the hospitals. You should too. 

We're in for years ... years .. worth of terrible budgets. For some of us, this will last for the rest of our careers. Just be ready for it. 

Randi articulated best: "The economy just stopped". That really hit home. 

The budget is flat from last year. This is really good!! The state is looking for a $5 billion reduction in their spending but, somehow, education has been able to hold the same amount as last year. That's no reduction in EDU spending. That's really good news. 

Mulgrew also made clear: The UFT will be fighting to "hold schools harmless" and will be pushing to make sure those cuts come from the DoE central. That's good news, too. 

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  1. copied this from facebook

    Dear DOE,
    My heat/ac bill will increase. My electric bill will increase. I had to upgrade my internet service to teach online, increase. Water bill is going to go up, etc. Your operating costs are going to go down.
    Maybe you should stop being up our butts with all your nonsense about the workday and making sure you get your moneys worth. Let's call it a wash.
    Actually we are working way harder completely revamping your ed system for free and in an unbelievably short time span. Imagine how much your consultants from Australia would charge for that?
    So, settle down before too many off us catch on that you have no teeth in the disciplinary process as long as we are working without a contract. Hear that teachers! Anything goes. If it has not been agreed upon by UFT and put in writing you can blow it off! Why do you think when ever admins are pushing crap they are saying "don't worry it's all supportive, nothing will be disciplinary"
    It's because the can't discipline you for not attending a virtual check in!
    You can't be disciplined for doing anything wrong while remote learning. There are no rules for how to do it. No collective bargaining has taken place!
    If you want to post one assignment a week or crazily video chat all day with teenagers that is up to you!
    Don't feel like being in that check in? If it's not on the approved meeting list don't do it.
    Use the docs that are out and stand up for yourself, especially if your CL is trash.
    And last but not least be super careful with your online interactions!!! Notice it's mostly youngin's doing all that and vet's who know better warning against it.
    Think about how video chats and private calls would go over if we were in still teaching in school. Haven't people been fired for playing online games with students? Be careful!