Saturday, November 26, 2016

Bubbles. (or 'There is no "We. There is only "Them" and "Them")

Yeah. I couldn't decide on a title. Sorry.

Now that Choice will come to the USDOE, folks are wondering what the  public education advocates are going to do. When the subject turns to matters outside of education, they're wondering how "the left" in general is going to respond. This seems to be a common trend. One reader sums up the dilemma well when talking about what "we" should have done:

Instead of loudly whining about every little (and big) thing Trump has said and done since his election, we should have held out fire until this appointment. Now we have no credibility. Lesson learned
And the fact is:


  1. Unfortunately, there is no "we" here. There is only a whole bunch of names 'who have been involved in ed' or in "activism" for years and there are the reformers. That's it. The "we" you refer to is just us kind of caught in the middle of people who want to destroy public ed on one side (the right) and people who want to convince us to fight THEIR battles on the other (the left). I have just seen one indicate to me, in a friendly way, that teachers' concerns were (essentially) nothing much to worry about and that activists' (which these days is nothing more out of touch leftists) comprise a real existential problem (and that's after reading about how an edformer will slowly pick apart public schools). Look, neither can be trusted given the current positions and EITHER will just destroy the idea of the local public school teacher and they'll think absolutely nothing of it.

Sadly, everyday parents and teachers really can't trust either the ed reformers or the activists who would like to stop them. That's not to say anyone who cares about public ed shouldn't stand on one side or the other. But if you think they people you'll be standing with care about your issues, then I've got a bridge to sell you. It's pretty old but still works well.

One respected DOENuts reader sent along an SNL link suggesting one possible path "the left" in general may follow:  Build a bubble around Brooklyn and wait until the whole thing passes over. That's just how the "edu" public school advocates seem to be responding.

Need an example? Here. Go "write" a letter to your Senator urging them not to support DeVos for the Education post. Then, have a cookie and you'll feel much better.

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