Monday, January 26, 2015

Why Doesn't America Celebrate Guys Like This?

Just asking. I know it's a life insurance commercial and all. But the fact that it is a commercial proves (to me anyway) that this side of humanity is totally appealing and so very worth celebrating! So why doesn't Americana celebrate guys like this?
Anyway, I hope you enjoy this refreshing commercial on this snowy, snowy day.


  1. Ha, your post reminded me of a rant that I've had going on inside my head for the past number of years. Why do we celebrate 5, 6, 7 year classroom teachers who become Assistant Principals with parties instead of the classroom teacher who is on the front line. I'm serious. This is something that has become rampant in my building. Teachers leaving the classroom to sit behind a desk and observe with the likelihood of them finding others "developing" on some areas in which they themselves committed the same numerous times - yet, at least in my school, we throw them parties. Just don't understand it. Lovely video but the potted plant already dead would have died by overwatering if it indeed had a semblance of life still in it.

    1. Thanks for watching it! Also, the dog would have died from the chicken bones, the cart would have tipped over and the lady can't live on only bananas! But none of that happened!
      What makes it worth blogging is that this dude just put it all out there to the world and it actually helped. Nice sentiments. For all our celebration of values, we don't celebrate those anymore.
      Do, however, be cautious around a five year teacher who becomes an AP. That's not enough time to master the ins and outs of our craft, much less lead someone who has.

  2. Loved the clip. I was in Thailand two years ago purely by chance. Never had any desire to be there and had no expectations. The plane ride and heat nearly killed me, but I fell in love with the place and incredibly felt at home there. The teachers there work 12 hour days, 6 days a week for very little money. They are however revered by most. You can find happiness wherever you are - it's a choice.