Monday, June 3, 2013

MORE Statement on Eval Plan

This is from the MORE caucus; Those cool UFT people who think that teachers should be, I don't know, supported.

UFT Rank and File Says King’s Evaluation Plan Bad for Teachers, Students

While Micheal Mulgrew launches a campaign to convince the membership that the new teacher evaluation system is designed to help teachers improve and give them a professional voice, Bloomberg is proclaiming victory. The truth of the matter is, this evaluation system is bad for educators and the children they serve: the system requires a tremendous amount of additional work with no compensation, time or otherwise. It will create an even greater climate of fear and effectively ends tenure as we know it; putting all educators who partner with parents to advocate for the best policies for children at risk...

Read the rest below.

MORE Statement on Evaluation Plan | morecaucusnyc


  1. The MORE caucus should create a government in absentee and act like the De Gaulle government while the Vichyites ran Occupied France.

    1. A very fitting suggestion for a very fitting parallel of collaboration!

    2. Can we blow up railroad trains like the Resistance? Actually was the Resistance under DeGaulle's control or were they communist party controlled? I'm never clear on that. But the Vichy (Unity) vs. Resistance (Chicago) analogy is worth exploring.

    3. We shouldn't go to this rally. I'd be happier rallying against the union for helping to create this disaster.

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  6. ^^^^ What the all this.? So odd.

  7. One wonders where the Vichyisme ends with this union leadership.

    Surely some important people at the union would have read the research summaries when two different federations that the UFT is part of (NEA --yes, we're affiliated with the NEA; and Education International --the global federation) have put out summaries (NEA, Education International) with information indicating that the U.S. is anomalous when it comes to putting weight on student test scores teacher evaluations.

    As I discuss in International Studies of Teacher Evaluation: Student Tests Seldom Cited, Portfolios Carry More Weight at NYC Eye blog,
    The following countries are countries that are consistently higher performing in the PISA and TIMSS international comparative tests of students, yet, their teacher evaluation systems do not cite test scores: Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Finland, Japan, Korea, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland. (References: PISA test result rankings, and TIMSS test result rankings, Laura Figazzolo's 2013 study for Education International.) Marlene Isoré's OECD survey provides a number of reasons why test score reliance is avoided. . . .

    MORE and education progressives everywhere should regularly challenge the myth sustaining of the education privatizers and their apologists and point out how America is an exception in the use of student high stakes test scores for evaluating teachers.

    Shame on King for this evaluation system, with it's 20 or 40% = 100% / ineffective overall! Shame on Mulgrew for saying bring it on, shame on his operation for never reading the NEA or Education International studies or sharing their findings. Instead he lauds the use of VAM junk science. Outrageous.