Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Trivial Afterthought About "Merrow's Bomb"

Many of us have been waiting for this for a long time. There is absolutely nothing I'd be able to say that would constitute a contribution to the profound national discussion that is about to take place (I did, however, bring plenty of popcorn). 

But, as the edreformers of the world begin their decline from credibility, it may be a good idea to just remind you of a rather trivial matter: Both Michelle Rhee and Beverly Hall come out of New York City's schools.

Rhee's The New Teacher Project was and is headquartered in Brooklyn and worked closely with the DOE

Hall was in charge of city high schools (among other things) back when the BOE was headquartered in, well in Brooklyn, actually.

Both from Brooklyn. 
Man, those two should have drank the water. They might not have turned out so bad!

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  1. When Beverly Hall was the principal of PS 282 in Brooklyn, everyone admired her. She was an excellent principal.
    Apparently something happened since then.