Monday, May 28, 2012

On Memorial Day (A Quick Off Topic Post)

I live just south of a military air museum and just north of Jones Beach, where there's a popular airshow each Memorial day weekend. Each year the World War 2 bombers fly over the house from the museum to the airshow. This year, my four year old asks what that loud, cool looking plane is.

"It's a bomber" I say.
"What's a bomber?"
"Well, it's a big plane that, um .. drops bombs".
She gets a little scared. "You mean it's going to drop a bomb on us?"
"No sweetie. They only drop bombs on other people in far away places".
"Why do they drop bombs on people?"

This was the very first question my daughter asked that I just can't answer.

Of course, there is great purpose in this holiday. And there is a pretty big difference between celebrating the troops who have fought for our country and celebrating the military. Sometimes it's tough to see that difference.

I guess I'll have to take her to an America Legion parade today for her to see it. Those parades aren't as popular as the airhsows, but they have a bit more value, given the purpose of the holiday.

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